Tax Reduction Strategies

Giving tax authorities only the amount you are legally obligated to pay improves cash flow.  One way to achieve this objective is through year-round planning.

William Hoyle, CPA, PLLC considers the tax implications of clients’ business structure and key decisions.  We are known for making the planning process beneficial to our clients – leveraging technology resources for an overall productive and cost-effective approach.

During our planning engagements, our clients rely on us to provide inquiries, observations, and suggestions about items that emerge during the tax return preparation process. Our strong client relationships and the information developed from preparing the annual tax return create a basis for rendering reliable advice.

Our analysis of your unique situation is designed to produce tax saving recommendations tailored just for you.

Tax Planning

We often get this response from our clients when asking for missing information for their tax return “Same as last year (SALY).” If you think that too much is going out for income taxes, and the SALY approach is taken, should you really expect much improvement. We take a comprehensive approach to planning; take a step back to see the big picture. For a reasonable investment with us, we can investigate strategies that legally allow you to keep more.

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