12 Days Remaining

Small businesses have 12 days from the time of this post to submit an application. If you have “thought about it,” but not yet taken action, call a trusted advisor. Discuss the reasons for your hesitation; this might just be a golden opportunity to salvage your business. Make the call, start the discussion – what do you have to lose?

PPP Flexibility Act

The Payroll Protection Program (“PPP”) has helped many small businesses survive around the country by providing funding for payroll and some other operating costs.

Use Retirement Funds to Capitalize Your Business

So many times, business owners struggle to find cash to start, expand, or otherwise solve a cash flow problem in their business. Oftentimes the banks are not able to assist and the business becomes desperate for cash. It’s during this search for business funding that the owner considers taking money from a retirement account. This content …

What kind of business financing do you need?

It goes without saying that financing takes time, which is not the most convenient factor when your business needs working capital- fast. Before putting a loan package together, straightening up your company’s financials, and researching your lender, there’s one major question to answer…WHAT KIND OF FINANCING DO YOU NEED? Every industry has different needs, so …