How to Deduct Cruise Ship Conventions, Seminars, and Meetings

If you want to attend a convention, seminar, or similar meeting onboard a cruise ship and deduct all your costs, you face some very special rules. But it can be done. When you know the tax code rules, you will find a workaround that removes almost all the hassle and gives you what you want.

Why use a CPA to process payroll?

It comes as no surprise, there is seemingly an endless list of payroll service providers – from one of the many large, impersonal service bureaus to do-it-yourself software options. Somewhere in between the two extremes are local and regional payroll companies, accounting firms and CPAs who offer to assist with the daunting task. The list goes …

Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Being self-employed has many advantages — the opportunity to be your own boss and come and go as you please, for example. However, it also comes with unique challenges, especially when it comes to how to handle taxes. Whether you’re running your own business or thinking about starting one, you’ll want to be aware of …

NC Sales Tax on Labor

Effective March 1, 2016, NC will begin to charge sales tax on labor. It is a complicated process to determine if sales tax applies to a specific transaction. First, it only applies to those businesses considered in “retail trade.” And, it only applies to services considered repair, maintenance, or installation services.