Our Team

William Hoyle, CPA

William D. Hoyle, CPA, CSEP NC License: #17168

William Hoyle, CPA graduated from Guilford College with a BS Business Administration in 1981. Not thrilled with his career track, he obtained his license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in 1988. Over the last 30 years, William has practiced accounting and managed four different CPA Firms. Early in his career, he was fortunate to gain a valuable understanding of business from the businessman’s point of view as controller of a very successful NC based company. Throughout his career, William has been personally involved in tailoring unique solutions for his business and individual clients. In 2008, he obtained his certification as a Specialist in Estate Planning. He enjoys working with clients and looks forward to each unique solution – from a company managing troop communications during Operation Desert Storm to an elderly couple who wants to help fund their great granddaughter’s college education.

Kermit Copley, CPA NC License #9903

Kermit Copley, CPA graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BS Business Administration in 1974.  Over the past 40 years, Kermit has worked with a wide variety of clients and businesses with a consistent focus on ways to enhance the financial well being for those clients.  Kermit has sought to gain a better understanding of his clients’ financial goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Carly Perry-Dunlevy, MAC (Successfully passed the CPA exam in 2000)

Carly, already a successful consultant in her own right, managed to join the Firm without too much coercing. She graduated from Barton in 1997 with degrees in Mathematics and Accounting, and from NCSU in 1999 with a Masters in Accounting. She passed the CPA Exam in 2000. She understands small business from the inside out through her extensive involvement in the successful family-owned commercial construction company. With a double-portion of patience, Carly’s formal education and experience in the business world make her a perfect fit for our Firm. Her organizational skills and ability to simplify the complicated make her a valuable part of our team.

Melissa Ayscue

Melissa is a 1993 graduate from Southern Vance High School. Her background includes 24 years of customer service and adds that “Customer Service has always been my top priority.” Melissa has strong people skills much of which was developed during her 10 1/2 years as a Client Service Representative before joining the firm. In addition, Melissa has some tax experience. Outside of work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family and she loves to listen to music.

Edna Moss

Edna comes to us having already completed one career; after 25 years of service, she retired as an accountant from the Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources. Her accounting background and organizational skills – both overshadowed by her delighful personality, perfectly qualify Edna to be the “face” of our business. She believes in doing the right thing; she is caring and compassionate. She loves her work because she is surrounded by people. When you are greeted by Edna, you will certainly see what I mean.

Kay Pegram

Following thirteen years in manufacturing, seven in retail, and ten more in public accounting, we are pleased to have Kay Pegram join the Firm. She comes with two Associate Degrees; one in Business Administration and the other in Accounting. Kay has a knack for unraveling and untangling – with a unique “eye for detail”. She has substantial organizational skills that are vital to our tax return preparation and problem solving services.

Annette Reaves

Annette worked with a Henderson grown business, Fast Fare Corporate Offices until their ultimate closing in the late ‘80s. Afterwards, she was employed as a Client Service Executive, or some might say in client accounting, for 22 years. Annette is clearly a top-level bookkeeper, payroll specialist, and all-round fix-it person when it comes to our internal bookkeeping and payroll solutions for clients. She is continued her professional development at a time when others might consider slowing down.