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Safeguarding your estate is one of the most important things you can do. Smart estate and gift planning minimizes estate and income taxes for your heirs, points you towards a secure financial future for both you and your immediate family, helps ensure future generations benefit in the manner you desire, and can protect your assets from liability and medical claims.

To accomplish this, you need to clarify the goals for your estate, loved ones, and gift giving. Hoyle, CPA, PLLC can help you with this process.

Estate and Gift Analysis

We will work with you to analyze your current estate plan to determine if you are on track to reach perhaps your most important goals. Our analysis will produce a roadmap with recommendations of specific strategies to address any plan deficiencies.

Estate and Gift Solutions

Quite often our analysis or your own concern highlights a particular challenge and the crucial need for a solution. We can tailor a personal plan and assist you with implementing a specific strategy. Tell us what is keeping you awake at night.

Life Records Organizer

The importance of having your vital records and legal documents readily accessible cannot be overemphasized. In the event of your untimely incapacitation or death, your loved ones will need many of these documents to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Organized in a quality leather 3-ring binder, your personal, financial, and legal documents are readily accessible. Benefits of having such an Organizer include a way to express your wishes as to how you want your property distributed, your intentions for life-sustaining measures, preferences for funeral and burial arrangements, minimizing the risk of family disputes, helping to expedite the settlement of your estate, and just gaining peace of mind through organizing your affairs.

Estate Assistance

Most people find dealing with an estate to be a daunting task, yet it is something that sooner or later you will face. Not only is everything seemingly so complicated; often it involves a loved one which introduces another stress into the situation. From filing returns or assisting with court documents, to common-sense analysis or explanations; we can help you manage this process and your responsibilities.

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