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We have all been so excited about something, an event in our life or maybe a famous person we met – we just have to tell everyone we know. While this event or chance meeting is all that you can talk about, many of those who hear your story are quick to dismiss it. Of course, a close friend will express excitement (if only for your benefit) when in fact it really did not really matter much to them. In essence, what real difference did it make to those who only heard your story, but did not experience it?

We are going publish content here that we hope will make a difference  – in hopes that something we share here will have a positive impact on you. In our practice, we talk with people who suffer and experience the dreads of life everyday. They, like all of us, are in search of relief from life’s heartaches and stresses. What is the answer?

Where is this going? While the answer is not clear, it is a humble beginning to offer help to people who are hurting and searching for something that goes way beyond the numbers! Come back soon!